Sunday services at Grace Academy are running as normal with services starting at 10:30am. If you're not able to join us in person, you can access the messages on our podcast on iTunes The Church at Junction 10 Podcasts. Or why not go through our video archives for recorded sessions.







Easter Sunday Service

Easter Sunday Service - Sunday 12 April 2020

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Service - Friday 10 April 2020

Pure in Heart - Beatitudes series

Pure in Heart - Beatitudes series - Sunday 4 April 2020 by Joe Clark

Mercy - Beatitudes Series

Mercy - Beatitudes Series - 29 March 2020 by Mary Banks

Hunger - Beatitudes Series

Hunger - Beatitudes Series. Sunday Service 22 March 2020 by Phil Miles

Talents Challenge

This video is a resource that can be shared by church members and fundraisers from their own social media accounts to explain to others what Talents Challenge is all about.

The New ARC Building

The video shows a 3D view of the ARC - Area Resource Centre. The vision for the new building is to provide a 5-storey Area Resource Centre (ARC) that holistically serves the town of Walsall.

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